Archives´ Statistics July 2013

Over 30 gigabyte of sexsounds in the archive now!

362 new files in 135 days means we´re close to 3 new sounds a day so once more: Don´t miss the forum – there has never been that much activity before.


1910 erotic sounds of members recording themselves
Estimated playlist length: 285 hours 49 minutes
Total file size: 9.7 gb

Motel Sex

2210 erotic sounds from hotels
Playlist length: 218 hours 35 minutes
Total file size: 10.1 gb


1364 sexsounds of neighbors
Estimated playlist length: 114 hours 15 minutes
Total file size: 4.8 gb

Various a-z

1688 erotic sounds
Estimated playlist length: 73 hours 6 minutes
Total file size: 2.7 gb

Various collections

1251 sexsounds
Playlist length: 81 hours 55 minutes
Total file size: 3.0 gb

Other (Outdoor, Podcast, Exclusive)

57 files
Estimated playlist length: 6 hours 36 minutes
Total file size: 442 mb


8480 erotic recordings
Estimated playlist length: 779 hours
That’s 32 days 11 hours!

Total file size: 30.7 gb

Numbers generated on 3rd July 2013 using winamp. Thanks to the community

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