Archives´ Statistics September 2022

139 gigabyte of sexsounds in the archives now!

22 months since the last statistics overview and we´re still growing and growing and growing …
A new category “Swingers and Groups” containing brand new files and some moved from other categories, 34 new gigabytes overall and over 20.000 files mean 114 days to constantly listen to the sounds we love :-)


4016 sexsounds
Playlist length: 435 hours
Total file size: 20.6 gb


3586 erotic sounds of members recording themselves
Estimated playlist length: 658 hours
Total file size: 29.7 gb

Motel Sex

5835 erotic sounds from hotels
Playlist length: 829 hours
Total file size: 40.6 gb


4179 sexsounds of neighbors
Estimated playlist length: 529 hours
Total file size: 29.6 gb


765 files
Estimated playlist length: 183 hours
Total file size: 13.5 gb

*new* Swingers and Groups

135 erotic sounds
Estimated playlist length: 32 hours
Total file size: 1.6 gb

Various a-z

1798 erotic sounds
Estimated playlist length: 88 hours
Total file size: 3.4 gb


20314 erotic recordings
Estimated playlist length: 2754 hours
That’s 114 days 18 hours!

Total file size: 139 gb

Numbers generated on 15 September 2022 using AIMP media player.

Thanks to the best community!