Archives´ Statistics November 2020

105 gigabyte of sexsounds in the archives now!

30 additional gigabytes added during the last two years which means more than 3000 new files and over 500 extra hours to listen to giving you 3 months of steady listening pleasure … but don´t do that :-)
The community is growing and growing, even in exceptional times!


3711 sexsounds
Playlist length: 390 hours
Total file size: 17.4 gb


3266 erotic sounds of members recording themselves
Estimated playlist length: 596 hours
Total file size: 25.3 gb

Motel Sex

5250 erotic sounds from hotels
Playlist length: 811 hours
Total file size: 34.6 gb


3344 sexsounds of neighbors
Estimated playlist length: 382 hours
Total file size: 19.0 gb


485 files
Estimated playlist length: 79 hours
Total file size: 5.5 gb

Various a-z

1781 erotic sounds
Estimated playlist length: 86 hours
Total file size: 3.3 gb


17837 erotic recordings
Estimated playlist length: 2344 hours
That’s 97 days 16 hours!

Total file size: 105 gb

Numbers generated on 24 November 2020 using AIMP media player.

Thanks to the best community!