Archives´ Statistics November 2018

75 gigabyte of sexsounds in the archive now!

10 additional gigabytes added since September 2017 which means almost 1700 (!) new files and over 300 extra hours to listen to. I love the community, it is getting better and better!


2906 erotic sounds of members recording themselves
Estimated playlist length: 513 hours
Total file size: 20.8 gb

Motel Sex

4338 erotic sounds from hotels
Playlist length: 650 hours
Total file size: 25.7 gb


2659 sexsounds of neighbors
Estimated playlist length: 284 hours
Total file size: 13.5 gb

Various a-z

1737 erotic sounds
Estimated playlist length: 81 hours
Total file size: 3.0 gb

Various collections

2870 sexsounds
Playlist length: 261 hours
Total file size: 10.4 gb

Other (Outdoor, Podcast)

185 files
Estimated playlist length: 31 hours
Total file size: 1.6 gb


14695 erotic recordings
Estimated playlist length: 1822 hours
That’s 75 days 22 hours!

Total file size: 75.0 gb

Numbers generated on 6 November 2018 using AIMP media player.

Thanks to the best community!