Episode 13

The story in short: Two members of our Sexsoundlovers Community met for a hot weekend. He is a very active member who contributed many sounds throughout the last year. To describe his recordings that present his encounters with a variety of girls, the terms hard, fast, loud, enduring come to my mind. She has been … Read more Episode 12

The first NEW podcast episode after three years of silence. Five sessions from motels in Germany, Spain and the USA. All sounds were taken from the Sexsoundlovers Community and the files archives. More episodes are in the making. Subscribe? ->

Sexsoundlovers Podcast is back!

Finally the famous Sexsoundlovers Podcast as heard on is back online. Should you like to subscribe to the feed, all you need to do is either click on the little orange icon above the audio player in any of the episodes (the one that is labelled “Subscribe”). If there is an either, there should … Read more