Various Sexsound Collections

This files are taken from classic sexsound collections or have been found on the web by our members. Various is not only the biggest section in file numbers but offers the broadest variety in sounds. Not safe for work. Headphones recommended. One of my favorites – she’s so demanding Does anybody enjoy dirty talk? German … Read more

Sexsounds recorded in Hotels

Hotels are an inspiring place to have unrestrained sex. Good for the loving couple, great for the audio voyeur. Hotel sex sounds are usually recorded through the wall or from the floor. Hotel Sex recordings are our favorites at Sexsoundlovers. Not safe for work (not at all)! Headphones recommended. Foreign Couple In American Motel Noisy … Read more

Members recording themselves

Active members are the heart of each community. Sexsoundlovers members have contributed many files showing their passion. This is the sound of love … Not safe for work (not at all)! Headphones recommended. French Couple English Couple German Couple For many more sexsounds contributed by members visit the members section of the forum or the … Read more Episode 13

The story in short: Two members of our Sexsoundlovers Community met for a hot weekend. He is a very active member who contributed many sounds throughout the last year. To describe his recordings that present his encounters with a variety of girls, the terms hard, fast, loud, enduring come to my mind. She has been … Read more