Sexsounds recorded in Hotels

Hotels are an inspiring place to have unrestrained sex. Good for the loving couple, great for the audio voyeur. Hotel sex sounds are usually recorded through the wall or from the floor. Hotel Sex recordings are our favorites at Sexsoundlovers.

Not safe for work (not at all)! Headphones recommended. Headphones recommended

Foreign Couple In American Motel

Noisy Girl

Coming Together

Another Loud Lady

Romantic Weekend

Music In My Ears

For many more sexsounds recorded in hotels visit the motel sex section of the forum or the files archives. You will find hundreds of sounds in the free forum and more than 7.000 in the archives.

8 thoughts on “Sexsounds recorded in Hotels”

  1. So remember ladies, if you’re having fun dont forget to hook up the lonely folks next door with some community audio! No one likes quiet sex.. go ahead and let go its good for you!

    I can admit to listening without shame or remorse, because I’ve had more than a few loud ladies myself when I was the one driving the cock. I <3 it but during times of scarcity (or just working too much) it sure is nice to know the world is still turning and the ladies are still smiling somewhere out there. Preferably within earshot

  2. Most of my sexcapades with women in motel/hotels have been rather quiet. However, hooked up with this older redhead a year ago who was so loud it was embarrassing, not to mention some of the dirty talk that came from her mouth. I imagine whoever was in the next room got quite an earful. lol

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