Members recording themselves

Active members are the heart of each community. Sexsoundlovers members have contributed many files showing their passion. This is the sound of love …
Not safe for work (not at all)! Headphones recommended. Headphones recommended

French Couple

English Couple

German Couple

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10 thoughts on “Members recording themselves”

  1. Love these natural sounds, with all the background noises and grunts and moans.
    Would like, however, to hear more of fore-play, like kissing, nipple sucking and manual fingering of clitoris, penile stimulation by female etc. before actual penetration.
    Any sound recordings with more verbal exchange between partners?

  2. Thanks Soundbite!
    For many of our members, verbal exchange seems to be more private than sexual activities, at least when recording themselves. I can understand that as spoken words can reveal identities more than groans can.
    Nevertheless you will find lots of sounds including foreplay and sex talk when you visit the sexsoundlovers forum and the archives.

  3. Thanks, Futheas.

    I seem, however, having trouble logging in again to this site. Please can I be re-sent my password, or a new one to my e-mail address.


  4. Wow…I love those sounds! This is simply, incredibly, awesomely, amazing! And Lara, would you want to hook up? ;) haha

  5. These were all very sexy just because of what they were but I was suprised to find the english couple to be the hottest.

  6. I love hearing the English couple so much. Not really great when I’m away from my husband for the night though

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