Episode 13

The story in short:

Two members of our Sexsoundlovers Community met for a hot weekend.

He is a very active member who contributed many sounds throughout the last year. To describe his recordings that present his encounters with a variety of girls, the terms hard, fast, loud, enduring come to my mind.

She has been a member for some time who got aroused by listening to his sounds. But unless most of the  girls she was not satisfied by listening alone, she needed to meet this guy. As she is not only nasty but a clever and sexy woman, he did not hesitate to agree …

This is the story of Minx and Stingrayplayer.

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2 thoughts on “ Episode 13”

  1. website faulty

    does not email password
    randomly rejects login
    password reset unstable or not working at all

  2. Hi Orlando,
    the website is neither faulty nor does it reject correct passwords.
    You are right that the password reset doesn´t always do what it is supposed to. Other users who know the website politely ask the admin for a password reset and he always delivers. The contact form would be the better tool for this purpose than a comment on an old podcast episode.
    Judging as you did after a single 17 minute visit could be considered as kind of odd, don´t you think so?

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