Archives´ Statistics February 2013

Listen to sexsounds for a complete month without interruptions! I won´t recommend that but you can do so now if you´re in need – just to let you know ;-)

214 new files in 108 days mean almost 2 new sounds a day so once more: Don´t miss the forum – there has never been that much activity before.


1863 erotic sounds of members recording themselves
Estimated playlist length: 279 hours 49 minutes
Total file size: 9.3 gb

Motel Sex

2087 erotic sounds from hotels
Playlist length: 203 hours 41 minutes
Total file size: 9.3 gb


1245 sexsounds of neighbors
Estimated playlist length: 98 hours 54 minutes
Total file size: 4.1 gb

Outdoor Sex

43 sexsounds recorded outdoor
Estimated playlist length: 3 hours 5 minutes
Total file size: 178 mb


13 erotic tracks
Playlist length: 2 hours 47 minutes
Total file size: 78 mb

Various a-z

1684 erotic sounds
Estimated playlist length: 72 hours 46 minutes
Total file size: 2.7 gb

Various collections

1182 sexsounds
Playlist length: 73 hours 24 minutes
Total file size: 2.6 gb

New: Exclusice files (archive members only)

1 video
lenght: 44 minutes
File size: 186 mb


8118 erotic recordings
Estimated playlist length: 735 hours
That’s 30 days 15 hours!

Total file size: 28.4 gb

Numbers generated on 18 February 2013 using winamp. Thanks to the community!